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Photo of Fabien Maman, musician  Fabien Maman, Musician, Composer


Fabien is a musician, composer, acupuncturist, author, researcher, healer teacher, "bioenergetician" and martial artist.  As a musician/composer, he performed his original compositions in the great concert halls of the world, including Carnegie Hall, the Tokyo Opera, the Paris Olympia and the Berlin Philharmonic. 

In 1977, Fabien became an acupuncturist, linking music with acupuncture.  He created the now famous system which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. 

In the early 80's, Fabien conducted his revolutionary biology experiments at the University of Jussieu in Paris, showing the impact of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields.  Fabien found that through a series of acoustic sounds, he could explode cancer cells as well as energize and empower healthy ones.  This would become the driving theory behind Fabien's life's work:: "that blockages in our subtle energy fields can result in physical illness if they are allowed to crystallize, and Sound, Color and Movement are the most effective tools we can use to dissolve these negative energetic patterns.

In 1988, Fabien founded Tama-Do (Way of the Soul), the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement.  Highlights of Fabien's work include: (1) Tuning fork techniques with color lights that balance acupuncture command points as well as the spine, (2) Tuning fork technique for the Subtle Body Command Points using the 8 Extraordinary Meridians, (3) Musical scales that correspond with different systems including seasons, elements, meridians, chakras, subtle bodies and the Sephirotic Tree, (4) Protocol for finding one's fundamental note, empowering the cells in one's body, (5) A touch technique using sound, color and movement to balance 21 key points on the body which command the Chakras and energy fields, (6) Tao Yin Fa, (Movement for Health), Qi Gong, a method to find one's "fundamental movement" which is equivalent to the dance of one's soul, (7) Tamo Do Sound Instruments to "shatter" negative patterns and bring harmony to the energy field, and (8) Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts to bring human beings into resonance with nature, community and the cosmos.

Fabien has taught and lectured around the world including College de France, Atman College de Osteopathie de Nice, Academic Hospital of Leningrad, the Bristol Cancer Clinic in England and the Acupuncture College of Sao Paolo, Brazil.  He also teaches every summer for his academy in the South of France.  He is author of a series of books: The Role of Music in the Twenty-First Century, Raising Human Frequencies, The Body as a Harp-Sound and Acupuncture, and Healing with Sound, Color and Movement-Nine Revolutionary Healing Techniques.

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