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Healing Touch Definition:
 Healing Touch is a biofield therapy that encompasses a group of non-invasive techniques that utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields. Healing Touch was developed as a nursing continuing education program by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN.  Healing Touch is a nursing intervention that may be used to restore, energize, and rebalance an energy field disturbance.  (See NANDA diagnosis 1.8, Disturbed Energy Field:)

The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association's (NANDA's) Nursing Diagnosis of Energy Field Disturbance is identified as a disruption in the flow of energy surrounding a person's being that results in a disharmony of the body, mind, and/or spirit. 

Healing Touch Policy: Healing Touch complements and is adjunctive to therapeutic interventions utilized by physicians and other licensed health care providers.  Healing Touch is an independent nursing intervention and does not require a physician order nor does it require informed consent.  However, the nurse must have permission to assist the client.  In addition, nurses who use Healing Touch as an intervention must have successfully completed at the minimum, a fifteen-hour Level 1 continuing education course taught by a Certified Healing Touch Instructor.  Within the acute care setting, it is highly recommended that the nurse will have successfully completed at minimum 30 hours of continuing education courses to include Healing Touch Levels 1 and 2. 

There are five courses within the Healing Touch curriculum that lead to completion of the program.  Healing Touch International defines four levels of Healing Touch practice: the Student has completed a Level 1 course.  A Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice has completed Level 4, and the Healing Touch Practitioner has completed the 120 contact hour preparation coursework within Levels 1 through 5 and has received a Certificate of Completion by the Healing Touch Program Director.  The Certified Healing Touch Practitioner has further met certification criteria and was approved by the Healing Beyond Borders Certification Board.

Indications for use include but are not limited to: pain, acute and chronic conditions, fear and anxiety, promotion of health and well being, spiritual distress, impaired tissue integrity, respiratory distress, post-utilization of anesthesia, chemotherapy, and other toxins.  

The following are approved Healing Touch interventions for a basic Healing Touch sequence: Magnetic Clearing, Chakra Connection, Ultrasound, Laser, Chakra Spread, Scudder, Pain Drain, headache, back and neck techniques, Spiral Meditation, Hopi Techniques, Mind Clearing, Wound Sealing, Chelation, Etheric Clearing, Lymphatic Drain, Full Body Connection, Etheric Vitality.  

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