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Levels 4 & 5 Overview
Levels 4 & 5 are for students who have successfully completed Levels 1 , 2 , 3  and desire to become a Healing Touch Practitioner.  These two courses provide the student an opportunity to learn how to develop and conduct a practice in Healing Touch.  Continuing education contact hours are provided for each level (Level 4 provides 25.3, and Level 5 provides 24) of instruction / participation.  They are designed to provide guidance for the student in the development of practice and skill through the mentor / apprenticeship approach.  Students will participate in community projects and work activities.  Each section is offered in a retreat setting to allow for greater focus on the intense leaning and practice that occurs.

Level 4 Description
This course prepares the student to become a Healing Touch Practitioner and establish a practice setting.   Practice concerns are explored including establishing a private practice, incorporating Healing Touch into a current practice setting either working alone or with others.  The following topics are addressed: business concepts, client/practitioner relationships, networking with other practitioners, identifying energy patterns in clients and scope of practice.  Professional development as a healer is explored including addressing professional ethics, standards of practice and role as a healer.

Level 4 Objectives

The participant will: 

  1. Describe the development of a Healing Touch Practitioner.
  2. Demonstrate a 5-step sequence to include intake, three healing sessions and discharge planning.
  3. Identify issues related to development of a Healing Touch practice.
  4. Discuss the case study process based on the sequence demonstrated during the workshop.
  5. Discuss the principles of apprenticeship/mentorship and professional practice.
  6. Develop skills for advanced meditation and for expanding basic chakra connection technique.
  7. Discuss the purpose of a professional profile notebook.
  8. Apply HTI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics within one’s Healing Touch practice 

Level 4 Content

  • Developing a professional healing practice
  • Sequencing of five private client sessions, intake, three treatment sessions with mutual goals, evaluation and discharge planning with full documentation
  • Learning the case study process
  • Defining a Scope of Practice
  • Healer practice guidelines
  • Selecting a mentor
  • Forming a mentorship contract with goals
  • Role of mentorship/apprenticeship
  • Journaling as a tool for self-enhancement
  • Developing a reading program
  • Full body connection
  • Etheric vitality meditation
  • Initiation of a practicum (Documentation of 100 client sessions)
Approved 1996 (full document)
Revised & Approved, 10/02, 10/06, 3/12
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