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"After cancer treatments, Healing Touch improved my energy levels and cleared out the fogginess in my thinking."

-- Lisa Tracey, Breast cancer survivor

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Healing Beyond Borders
Vision and Mission Statement

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a non-profit certification, education, and membership organization that serves Healing Touch providers, instructors, and the general public. The organization, established in 1996, educates and certifies Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors, coordinates Healing Touch research, assists integration of Healing Touch into healthcare settings, and promotes the work of Healing Touch around the world.

The organization was established in 1996 by Healing Touch International founder Janet Mentgen, a nurse who wanted to bring greater healing and well-being to her patients. The Healing Touch Certificate Program is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). 

Healing Touch is a nurturing, holistic and integrative, biofield therapy that facilitates health and healing. Healing Touch is being taught in universities, medical and nursing schools and other settings internationally. 


Spread Healing, Light and Love, creating wholeness on Earth.


Our mission is to spread healing and light worldwide through the heart-centered practice and teaching of Healing Touch. It is fulfilled by this non-profit membership and educational organization with:

  • Administers the Certification process for Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors
  • Sets international standards of practice and international code of ethics for Practitioners and Instructors
  • Supports Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors as they develop, practice and serve communities worldwide
  • Promotes and provides resources in health care integration and research in Healing Touch
  • Provides opportunities for promotion of and education about Healing Touch

Approved: 1996
Revised: 12/2006
Healing Touch International Board of Directors
© 1996 Healing Touch International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

To reach this vision, the following beliefs serve as the foundation of this organization:

As an international organization, we value the role of providing certification for Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors around the world. Certification is an extremely important process of quality assurance for those practicing Healing Touch and to the public who desire assurance of the competency of the persons practicing and teaching Healing Touch.

Certification sets Standards of Practice and then provides a measure to discern whether or not a practitioner meets that standard. The Standards of Practice include a predefined level of skills and knowledge, which embodies the principles and theoretical constructs of the Healing Touch Program.

As health care delivery continues to evolve, we believe that complementary healing modalities will be included as viable, cost-effective medicine. To meet this belief, Healing Beyond Borders is committed to research and documentation of the impact of Healing Touch on the client specifically, the practitioner, and the health care system generally.

With the evolution of managed care in the health care field, the modalities selected for insurance reimbursement will come under close scrutiny. The Healing Touch Certificate Program has established itself in the health care community as a highly ethical, credible educational and credentialing program.

This program has been proven to train highly skilled practitioners who have committed to a rigorous course of study to complete the practitioner level of education. Those who complete certification have "gone the extra mile" to measure up to an International Standard of Credentialing and Code of Ethics.

Credentialing is an essential and accepted part of managed and integrative care participation now and in the future. The role of Healing Beyond Borders is to continue to be recognized as the official body to ensure to the public that this level of practice and instruction is achieved.


Healing Touch International, Inc., doing business as Healing Beyond Borders
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